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Our core business is the development of individual process control software for surface technology.
As a supplier of control systems for galvanic plant and wastewater systems, we are among the market leaders. Together with our in-house switch cabinet construction, we offer you an innovative complete solution for the automation of your production.

Whether your project implies a new construction or modernization of existing production facilities, the HEHL-TEAM automates your production and brings it up to date with the latest state of the art.

HEHL represents tailor-made solutions and products that suit you and your company best.

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25 years of experience in galvanic plant automation


Control systems for surface technology

Hehl Galvanotronic schematic
Hehl Galvanotronic switch cabinet


Own electrical planning and switch cabinet construction


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Our most important news at a glance

25th anniversary of HEHL GALVANOTRONIC

Since 25 year at the cutting edge!

1996 with a toolbox under his arm – 2021 completely digitalised on his way

25 years filled with growth, ideas and visions – and so it will proceed. The HEHL-Team likes facing new technological requirements and integrating them project-oriented into the development of process control software as well as into our in-house engineering.

Be a visionary! Plan and realise a new process control system for your galvanizing or wastewater plant in cooperation with HEHL, either as part of a new construction or a modernization of your existing production. Keep pace with the times!

Switch to Windows 10 now!

Many plants are still running with Windows XP or Windows 7. Both versions have been discontinued. New security updates are no longer provided. We also cannot maintain or update your existing process control software GalvanoVisu / GalvanoVario.

In the event of a PC-breakdown, a system downtime of several days cannot be avoided.

Switch now to Windows 10 to ensure a stable production. 

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to securing the future together with you.




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Electronics / Electrician Switch cabinet wire (m/f)

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  • Completed vocational training in the electronic field,
  • High level of commitment and responsibility
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  • Construction of control cabinets and control systems
  • Wiring of electrical components

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PLC programmers

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  • Completed apprenticeship in the field of electrical engineering or similar
  • Self-confident manner at the customer’s side
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  • Development of customer-oriented solutions taking into account
    technical requirements and specifications

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