Controls for each system


If your system deviates from the standard, the process control for the HEHL GALVANOTRONIC is not a problem either.

We are experts in the automation of

  • Conveyor systems [GalvanoVisuBA]
  • Powder coating systems [GalvanoVarioPL]
  • CDC systems [GalvanoVisuKTL]
  • Research systems [GalvanoVisuFO]
  • Manual systems [GalvanoVisuHA]

Benefit from our experience in control engineering for special systems.

You can partially automate manual systems with our software solution GalvanoVisuHA. Control your consumers, such as heaters, pumps and dosing pumps, rectifier, etc. via a PC. In addition, all relevant measured values such as temperatures, currents, voltages and pH values are logged by our software. This saves you time and money.
Your manual system is clearly displayed in our software. The intuitive system operation and the individual logging of treatment times, consumer parameters, etc. simplify your entire production process.

With GalvanoVisuPlus, we offer you the possibility to bring a certain degree of flexibility to your rigidly timed galvanic equipment.
In addition to the functionality of the GalvanoVisu software (for rigidly clocked systems), GalvanoVisuPlus can be used to customize some production steps. This allows you to program additional driving options yourself and thus have more freedom in your order acceptance.