Kompetenzen HEHL Galvanotronic


More than 25 years of project experience in automation engineering


For more than 25 years, HEHL GALVANOTRONIC has been your competent partner for control constructions.
As a global player in automation technology, we develop innovative, individual software solutions for surface technology that are precisely tailored to the needs of your manufacturing plant.

HEHL offers software products for the automation of both rigid and flexible systems. We are also your first point of contact when it comes to the automation of wastewater plants or special plants such as powder coating plants, belt systems or CDC systems and even manual systems.

Thanks to our own engineering for electrical planning and in-house switchboard construction, we can offer complete solutions. From electrical planning to switchboard construction and in-house software development as well as installation and commissioning on site, you get everything from one source. And as a customer, you are always in focus.


HEHL GALVANOTRONIC your fast, innovative and reliable partner in automation technology.


... innovative

We always have our finger on the pulse of the time. Our aim is to prepare you and your production facilities for the future (Industry 4.0). In doing so, we rely on the latest technology and continuously expand our systems in order to optimize your production processes and to meet new challenges.

... closeness to customer

Only together can we get the most out of your system. That’s why you are part of the HEHL team as a customer. Together with you, we develop software solutions – suitable for your company.


... quick

TIME IS MONEY – this is true to us and also to our customers. That’s why we only ship our software products and control cabinets in the moment they are completely finished and tested. This is the only way to shorten electrical assembly times and commissioning times.

... reliable

Our word is our bond! We keep our promise to you and are satisfied only once we have achieved the common goal.

HEHL is one of the market leaders for control systems for galvanic equipment and wastewater plants!