Future-oriented process controls


Our core business is the development of process automation software for surface technology. With our software, your production systems can be operated fully automatically and all processes can be recorded.

We develop software products for all process technologies. Whether you are running a contract galvanic / in-house galvanic, a belt, CDC or powder coating system or if you want to control your wastewater plant – we have the right software solution for you.

The HEHL software is individually designed and coded for you. We provide you with a future-oriented control system, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and automation. Our software offers intuitive user guidance and a high degree of clarity.

Whether your production processes require maximum flexibility or your processes are rigidly timed, the HEHL software takes care of the exact control of your system. Your advantages: You achieve improved quality, can react flexibly to customer orders and achieve better performance.

HEHL control systems are already equipped to meet the increasing demands on digital documentation, logging and connectivity – Industry 4.0.

The topic of energy management is also taken into account in our software. Our control system records the active, apparent and reactive power of your system. The protocols allow you to optimize your consumption.

Our advantage: Due to our own switch cabinet construction, the software development and engineering departments work hand in hand.

HEHL control systems represent …

... intuitive operation

We have no hidden buttons or functions. Our input masks are simple and therefore very clear. The entire system, including load, is visualized. For the operator, all parameters and load states are recognizable at a glance.

... automation

The HEHL software fully automates your plant operation. Manual interventions are possible, but not necessary. Goods movements are carried out automatically taking into account all nominal-actual specifications and also the chemistry is precisely dosed. In this way, you achieve a consistent quality of your goods.

... analysis

Our software logs all system parameters, faults and maintenances. You can export these logs as an Excel file and use them in many ways for your own analysis. Faults are displayed directly in the schematic which is stored within the software. This allows quick failure analysis and troubleshooting. Thus production downtime is shortened.

... compatibility

In times of Industry 4.0, system compatibility is a MUST. Our software already meets the requirements at this time. The connection to ERP systems and the use of virtual machines are part of our standard.

HEHL process automation control systems meet a high standard and are based on SQL databases. These enable you to perform a wide range of analysis and evaluations.

HEHL Software Products