The flexible system control


The GalvanoVario HEHL system control is the right choice for free-riding systems.

With the help of the program creator, you can create program sequences yourself. Write countless individual program sequences, to which you can record all important parameters.
Simple and clear input masks make it easier for you to set up your programs.

Each HEHL software is individually developed for you and tailored to your needs. In this way, the masks for the installation of program sequences can also be designed according to your requirements.

The system control and surveillance is carried out fully automatically by the HEHL software with regard to the parameters you specify.

GalvanoVario not only automatically controls your production, but also displays your entire system including consumers and their conditions in the plant visualization at a glance.
So you never lose the overview.

Benefits of GalvanoVario



Respond flexibly to customer orders. Equip your plant individually according to priorities.


With GalvanoVario, your system is fully driven and checked.


Thanks to the precise control system, you get a consistent quality, which you can optimize by fine adjustment.


Create countless, own program sequences to which you record the most important parameters.